Austin’s Best Dressed of The Year

If you want to make the sale, get the job, or do anything to command power and attention, then you need to make sure to follow the Bootleg Austin Fashion Show.  We are gearing up with the top three fashionistas in Austin:

#1 Sarah Williams kills the game in this high powered Armani swing-dress that she wore to the Austin Real Estate Awards in 2017

#2 Horimaru Kan goes avant-garde with this very hip look that says “Im not just a Tattoo Artist in Austin, I am a fashion god” at the Superdreadz Tattoo Convention last month

#3  Nick Ellis Kills it per usual with his ultra tasty Spanish black tie combo at the Best Seo Companies In Austin Texas Ceremony 2017.  Was an interesting night considering how his business partner Ryan Papagiorgio, showed up wearing nothing but a set of tighty-whities, inebriated beyond recognition; common behavior from the billionaire playboys.


It’s only the beginning of the year, and it’s shaping up to be a hot year for fashion in the music capital of the world.…

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