Is Five Four Club clothes worth the price?

Five Four Club is booming the men fashion wear for quite some time now. They give you the opportunity to get dressed without leaving the comfort of your home. We know how hard it is for you, guys, to pick up your clothes or go to the store. So, it’s a perfect deal for busy boys.

But, is their service worth the price? That’s what you are going to find out in this Five Four Club review.

five four club review

A $120 worth of clothes for half the price?

Five Four Club set up an interesting business model. You get a professionally curated package of clothing for a fixed monthly fee after you register your account with the company. The idea is to get you great pieces of clothes, such as T-shirts, shirts, trousers, jeans, jackets, etc. for an affordable monthly price. Add to it a fact that you won’t be going to the store and searching for one T-shirt for hours. The Five Four Club package contains up to 3 items from their current or seasonal collection. And the best part is that you will get one as long as you like! You can cancel the subscription anytime.

How do they know which clothes you’re into?

They offer you a short quiz which helps them determine your style preferences. Now, don’t expect too much out of it. The quiz is designed to give Five Four Club crew an overall impression on what you find comfortable to wear. After you got the results, you can see which package you’re going to get and what it contains.

A questionnaire includes five steps in which you get to select different options that will show your fashion choices. Four basic style categories are predetermined in the quiz: a classic, a mix, a forward, and a casual. After you select the style category which you find the most comfortable, you get to choose between two color options – a more vibrant and a muted one.

What about the size?

five four club review

After you decide which style and color you prefer, you’ll have to leave the details about your top and pants size. Depending on your choice, you will get to pick between two bottom fits, a more relaxed one, and a straight one. The sizes range from S to 3XL for tops and from 27 to 48 for bottoms.A final verdict

A final verdict

It looks like these guys know what they’re doing. Their offer may seem too general to people who like to pick their clothes for hours in different types of shops. But for those of you who don’t want to waste time on that, Five Four Club is an excellent way to get a quality, comfortable clothing at the reasonable price. Since you’re a member of their community, you might get some special offers, discounts and exclusive peeks into the latest collection. And that’s definitely worth the price.

Did we mention that they won’t charge you anything for shipping your package?…

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Informative And Enlightening Details About Identifying The Best T-Shirt Printing Machine

A well printed t-shirt always looks elegant and attractive. One can also pass a message through printing a t-shirt in a certain customized way. This can be done by both individuals and businesses depending on the needs. For instance; an individual can customize a t-shirt with a picture of a loved one or a certain event. On the other hand a business can print t-shirts describing the products it deals with. The printed t-shirts can incorporate words and pictures depending on the message being conveyed. However, for the words and pictures to be properly visible they need to be printed using the right t-shirt printing machine. Since there are many such machines it is always paramount to know the qualities of the best t-shirt printing machine.


A good t-shirt printing machine should have a number of options which the users can choose from. This means that the machine should be designed in a way that the user can decide the kind of printing he or she wants to do. Some of the important options should be colors and sizes. The user of the machine should be able to decide the colors to use and the sizes of the words and pictures on the custom made t-shirts. The importance of this is that some colors are more ideal to convey certain kinds of messages. For example; while printing t-shirts to be worn during the wedding of a certain couple the bright colors are more appropriate.


Most modern t-shirt machines are technologically oriented. In the past the machines needed to be operated manually and this usually took a lot of time. They could also not print clear images and words. But in the present these machines have been improved where they mostly use state of the art technology. They are usually connected to computers where one gets to design the t-shirts to be printed prior to printing. This not only simplifies the entire printing process, but it also ensures that the printed t-shirts are clear. Therefore, the best t-shirt printing machine should be technologically oriented so as to print nice looking t-shirts.


A good t-shirts printing machine should also have the capacity to print many t-shirts within a short time. This is an important way of saving time and resources. There are times when many t-shirts are required within a short time. If the machine being used does not have a high capacity then it will not be able to print the many t-shirts within the required time. But a good machine will have the capacity to print the t-shirts in a convenient manner. One just needs to start by printing a few t-shirts to see how they will look like. If there are mistakes one can correct them prior to printing huge quantities of the t-shirts. By just pressing a few buttons on the machine one will be able to print the t-shirts in a simple manner.

Power consumption

It is also important for a good t-shirt printing machine to be energy efficient. This is because being energy efficient reduces the power cost of printing the t-shirts. Most modern machines are designed in a way that they consume minimal energy while doing the printing. This makes it important to check the power consumption rates while selecting the most appropriate machine. Therefore, by checking the outlined qualities one can easily be able to identify the best t-shirt printing machine which will be able to produce top quality custom made t-shirts.…

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Increase Business to Your Dental Office with Style

For any business, marketing is the key to the success and a dental office is no different.  When you typically think of a dentists’ office, the first thing that comes to mind is “blah”.  Spicing it up with some good design, branding, and marketing can make all the difference, and take your practice to the next level.  A dentist should see an average number of 24-50 new patients per month in order grow their dental practice.

A solid dental marketing plan is really important for offering a competitive product at competitive rates to attract new dental patients.

SWOT session is the very first step if you want to market your dental practice. It’s simply a structured way to determine your weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and threats. You’ll be able to determine the marketing ideas that work best for you once you have established where your dental practice is positioned.  Dr. Louie said that his dentist office in Stockton has grown by 87% over the last year once he implemented SWOT analysis into his business.

Here are a few marketing tips that you may use to increase your dental business.

Offering Referral Bonus:

Internal patient referrals are the best option for most of the new patient growth. Existing patients aren’t interested in growing your business so how can you convince and encourage them to promote your business by telling others about the services that you provide?

A broad referral bonus program is the solution for this problem. You can offer bonuses, such as a discount or dental product to the existing patients who bring a friend to your clinic. This program does not only help you find new clients but it’s also a way engaging the old patients. All you need to do is hand out the simple referral cards.

Incentivizing employees is a perfect way to make this idea even more effective as it will help improve and grow your practice in all facets of your operation.

marketing tips for your dental office

Identify Your Target Audience:

More than 90% or all dental buying decisions are made by women. They want to make informed decisions for their families. They are not in search of a product but a service and there are thousands of dental practices available for them to choose from.

Carefully reviewing your overall marketing image including your existing collateral, and your dental practice logo is great dental marketing idea to attract more females to get in touch with your practices. Women take a meandering approach in making purchasing decisions than men.

Women want to ensure that they are finding the “perfect answer” therefore they are in search of information before making the purchase.

An offer to beat your competition:

Watching your market and recognizing your competition is crucial when building a strategic dental marketing plan. If 3 dental competitors are offering a package for $49 then you should consider offering a lower price. Always be there when your patients want you and give them want they want because it makes you different from your competitors.  Here are some tips to help you do this.

You need to kick butt at hiring if you want to get an even bigger approach on your competition. You feel about a restaurant if you find a waiter there who is attending to your every need. The same is the case for your dental practice. If your front desk team doesn’t welcome the patient by lifting their heads up, it may impose a better impact of the dentist and your patient may not return.

Use these helpful tips to grow your dental business and beat your competitors.…

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How to find a good wedding photographer

The wedding day is not only filled with excitement, but also full of challenges. You have to make the immediate decisions without even exceeding the budget. You need the help of different vendors in order to sort out these problems.

A photographer is one of the most important vendor choices. You need to ensure that the day is properly documented by hiring a professional photographer.  Trying to use your friend or Aunt as the photographer, even if they have a sweet camera, is a recipe for disaster.

The unfortunate reality about your wedding day is that it is only one day. And only the right wedding photographer can preserve the emotions and the fun in a gorgeous manner. You can enjoy the happiness of that day of your life with one perfect picture and one perfect photo album can become your perfect companion for the coffee table.

This is where you will get the sufficient information in order to set up your mind about how to find a good wedding photographer.

Photography Style: –

You must set up your mind for the style of wedding photography you prefer. Different photographers will specialize in different styles as there are numerous styles of wedding photography available such as traditional, photojournalism, illustrative photography and fashion.

There is no harm in spending some time to read up about the different styles because it will help you select the style that suits you the best.

Search online: –

It is an awesome way to find the wedding photographers. You will find plenty of people who are offering their services. Think about focussing your search more closely and narrow down the results. Look for people who have in-depth knowledge about photography.

Portfolio: –

Your window into the styles, skills, and stories of the artist is their body of work. There are 12 main elements that Photographic Exhibitions Committee uses in order to distinguish the good photographers from the bad which include Technical Excellence, Presentation, Impact, Color Balance, Creativity, Lighting, Style, Technique, Composition, Subject Matter, and Story Telling etc.

You can also evaluate each photograph with the help of these elements while looking at the images. You can simply measure and grade each photograph on all twelve elements, but you may want to pick the most important components to make it simple.

Planning: –

Being able to plan with the soon to be newlyweds is a standard that distinguishes great photographers according to The Wedding Mode. Planning a visit to the site before marriage is included in it as it allows you to discuss what angles and backgrounds are you hoping for.

Preparing a list of people and moments you want to be captured is also important.

Discuss Photography equipment: –

Ask your photographer about what kind of camera and equipment will he be using even if you are not a professional yourself. You will realize that you are more particular about it than you imagine. You should also ask about the photo editor that they will use to edit the photos and if they say that they don’t edit then you know what to do. Simply reject them and find someone else.

We hope that these particular tips will help you find the good photographer for your wedding.…

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Best Interior Design Firms in Chicago

When we talk about fashion, the first thing that comes to mind are clothes.  However, a close relative to fashion is interior design.  Designing the inside of your house to make it stand out and last the test of time, takes time, effort, and most importantly, a really good interior designer.  As using the best material to build the outside structure of a house is very important for its durability and long life. The interior of the house is also of paramount consideration. Without a good interior design, the house is a lifeless object. It is the interior of the building that brings life to it. To a layperson, the terms interior design may sound very simple, but in reality, it is a complex function.  The difference in the interior of two similarly constructed houses tells us the beauty that you can add with wall hangings, plants, carpeting and decoration pieces.   

If you live in Chicago and you are looking for interior designing firms, then you are up for a herculean task, as there are hundreds of interior designing firms that are working to serve the purpose of you’re after. They will try to amaze you with their collection of materials and different designs and varieties they have. They will show you portfolios of various houses they have designed. If you ponder upon the designs, you will come to know that most of the designs you will come across will be the same or almost the same. To make sure that you end up with the right interior design firm or individual interior designer, visit the sites they have designed and interact with the owners there. Here are a few questions you can ask: 

  • Did they deliver the promised design?
  • Was the material used and items purchased were of right quality?
  • Did you feel that you were overcharged in any way?
  • Was the work completed on time?
  • Did the designer or firm comply in the case of any complain?
  • How was the overall behavior of the designer or firm?
  • Will you recommend this firm or designer to us?

By asking all the above set of questions from different interior designers in the market, you can find the one you want to work with.  Also, do some online research.  HGTV has some great ideas when it comes to decorating the inside of your home.

Being in the fashion industry for so long, at this point we know exactly what to look for in an interior designer to separate the best from the rest.  After much consideration and fact checking, if you’re looking for interior design firms in Chicago, then you need to look no further than Marshall Erb.  Hands down, they are the best firm to work with in the area.  Paying extreme attention to detail, and making your dreams become reality, we were highly impressed with the work of Marshall Erb.  While there are many choices in the Chicago area, if you want the job done right and truly bring the inside of your home to life then this firm is a must hire.


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The 4 Fashion Tips That Every Girl Should Know

Every woman wants to be a fashion icon in their way. There is nothing wrong with that but most of the time the ladies don’t feel too confident with the clothes they wear and the styles they use. Let’s give those women a remedy for that little problem. Here are the best fashion tips that all ladies should know.

1. Strategize with the skin you show


As a woman, you don’t have to show your skin all the time. More importantly, you should have a strategy with what part of your skin should be exposed. Let’s admit it that there are women who want to feel sexy, so they bare almost everything, but that is not the case. To be sexy, you should also consider a little mystery.

2. White buttons down is a classic


The white shirts that can be easily buttoned and tucked in whether you are wearing jeans or a skirt should be a part of your wardrobe. Since it is white in color, make sure you handle it with care when you are washing it.

3. Bright accessories


Alright, we understand that you fancy the dark and neutral colors for your clothes. It is okay, but you have to make sure that the accessories you will use such as bags and other stuff have a little color to it. You want to appear elegant in your clothes, not dull and boring.

4. Stretch the jeans


As a lady, you should be able to make sure that if you are wearing a pair of jeans, it should stretch perfectly in your body. Wearing jeans can highlight your good curves and it looks hot. A little tip when getting a pair of jeans, check the materials used for the product. Opt for something with at least 5% lycra, and I can assure you it will hold the fit in your body.

Confidence is the key to having a better fashion sense. Learn these tips by heart, and you are off to a good start.

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