Increase Business to Your Dental Office with Style

For any business, marketing is the key to the success and a dental office is no different.  When you typically think of a dentists’ office, the first thing that comes to mind is “blah”.  Spicing it up with some good design, branding, and marketing can make all the difference, and take your practice to the next level.  A dentist should see an average number of 24-50 new patients per month in order grow their dental practice.

A solid dental marketing plan is really important for offering a competitive product at competitive rates to attract new dental patients.

SWOT session is the very first step if you want to market your dental practice. It’s simply a structured way to determine your weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and threats. You’ll be able to determine the marketing ideas that work best for you once you have established where your dental practice is positioned.  Dr. Louie said that his dentist office in Stockton has grown by 87% over the last year once he implemented SWOT analysis into his business.

Here are a few marketing tips that you may use to increase your dental business.

Offering Referral Bonus:

Internal patient referrals are the best option for most of the new patient growth. Existing patients aren’t interested in growing your business so how can you convince and encourage them to promote your business by telling others about the services that you provide?

A broad referral bonus program is the solution for this problem. You can offer bonuses, such as a discount or dental product to the existing patients who bring a friend to your clinic. This program does not only help you find new clients but it’s also a way engaging the old patients. All you need to do is hand out the simple referral cards.

Incentivizing employees is a perfect way to make this idea even more effective as it will help improve and grow your practice in all facets of your operation.

marketing tips for your dental office

Identify Your Target Audience:

More than 90% or all dental buying decisions are made by women. They want to make informed decisions for their families. They are not in search of a product but a service and there are thousands of dental practices available for them to choose from.

Carefully reviewing your overall marketing image including your existing collateral, and your dental practice logo is great dental marketing idea to attract more females to get in touch with your practices. Women take a meandering approach in making purchasing decisions than men.

Women want to ensure that they are finding the “perfect answer” therefore they are in search of information before making the purchase.

An offer to beat your competition:

Watching your market and recognizing your competition is crucial when building a strategic dental marketing plan. If 3 dental competitors are offering a package for $49 then you should consider offering a lower price. Always be there when your patients want you and give them want they want because it makes you different from your competitors.  Here are some tips to help you do this.

You need to kick butt at hiring if you want to get an even bigger approach on your competition. You feel about a restaurant if you find a waiter there who is attending to your every need. The same is the case for your dental practice. If your front desk team doesn’t welcome the patient by lifting their heads up, it may impose a better impact of the dentist and your patient may not return.

Use these helpful tips to grow your dental business and beat your competitors.