Best Interior Design Firms in Chicago

When we talk about fashion, the first thing that comes to mind are clothes.  However, a close relative to fashion is interior design.  Designing the inside of your house to make it stand out and last the test of time, takes time, effort, and most importantly, a really good interior designer.  As using the best material to build the outside structure of a house is very important for its durability and long life. The interior of the house is also of paramount consideration. Without a good interior design, the house is a lifeless object. It is the interior of the building that brings life to it. To a layperson, the terms interior design may sound very simple, but in reality, it is a complex function.  The difference in the interior of two similarly constructed houses tells us the beauty that you can add with wall hangings, plants, carpeting and decoration pieces.   

If you live in Chicago and you are looking for interior designing firms, then you are up for a herculean task, as there are hundreds of interior designing firms that are working to serve the purpose of you’re after. They will try to amaze you with their collection of materials and different designs and varieties they have. They will show you portfolios of various houses they have designed. If you ponder upon the designs, you will come to know that most of the designs you will come across will be the same or almost the same. To make sure that you end up with the right interior design firm or individual interior designer, visit the sites they have designed and interact with the owners there. Here are a few questions you can ask: 

  • Did they deliver the promised design?
  • Was the material used and items purchased were of right quality?
  • Did you feel that you were overcharged in any way?
  • Was the work completed on time?
  • Did the designer or firm comply in the case of any complain?
  • How was the overall behavior of the designer or firm?
  • Will you recommend this firm or designer to us?

By asking all the above set of questions from different interior designers in the market, you can find the one you want to work with.  Also, do some online research.  HGTV has some great ideas when it comes to decorating the inside of your home.

Being in the fashion industry for so long, at this point we know exactly what to look for in an interior designer to separate the best from the rest.  After much consideration and fact checking, if you’re looking for interior design firms in Chicago, then you need to look no further than Marshall Erb.  Hands down, they are the best firm to work with in the area.  Paying extreme attention to detail, and making your dreams become reality, we were highly impressed with the work of Marshall Erb.  While there are many choices in the Chicago area, if you want the job done right and truly bring the inside of your home to life then this firm is a must hire.


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Austin’s Best Dressed of The Year

If you want to make the sale, get the job, or do anything to command power and attention, then you need to make sure to follow the Bootleg Austin Fashion Show.  We are gearing up with the top three fashionistas in Austin:

#1 Sarah Williams kills the game in this high powered Armani swing-dress that she wore to the Austin Real Estate Awards in 2017

#2 Horimaru Kan goes avant-garde with this very hip look that says “Im not just a Tattoo Artist in Austin, I am a fashion god” at the Superdreadz Tattoo Convention last month

#3  Nick Ellis Kills it per usual with his ultra tasty Spanish black tie combo at the Best Seo Companies In Austin Texas Ceremony 2017.  Was an interesting night considering how his business partner Ryan Papagiorgio, showed up wearing nothing but a set of tighty-whities, inebriated beyond recognition; common behavior from the billionaire playboys.


It’s only the beginning of the year, and it’s shaping up to be a hot year for fashion in the music capital of the world.…

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The 4 Fashion Tips That Every Girl Should Know

Every woman wants to be a fashion icon in their way. There is nothing wrong with that but most of the time the ladies don’t feel too confident with the clothes they wear and the styles they use. Let’s give those women a remedy for that little problem. Here are the best fashion tips that all ladies should know.

1. Strategize with the skin you show


As a woman, you don’t have to show your skin all the time. More importantly, you should have a strategy with what part of your skin should be exposed. Let’s admit it that there are women who want to feel sexy, so they bare almost everything, but that is not the case. To be sexy, you should also consider a little mystery.

2. White buttons down is a classic


The white shirts that can be easily buttoned and tucked in whether you are wearing jeans or a skirt should be a part of your wardrobe. Since it is white in color, make sure you handle it with care when you are washing it.

3. Bright accessories


Alright, we understand that you fancy the dark and neutral colors for your clothes. It is okay, but you have to make sure that the accessories you will use such as bags and other stuff have a little color to it. You want to appear elegant in your clothes, not dull and boring.

4. Stretch the jeans


As a lady, you should be able to make sure that if you are wearing a pair of jeans, it should stretch perfectly in your body. Wearing jeans can highlight your good curves and it looks hot. A little tip when getting a pair of jeans, check the materials used for the product. Opt for something with at least 5% lycra, and I can assure you it will hold the fit in your body.

Confidence is the key to having a better fashion sense. Learn these tips by heart, and you are off to a good start.

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The Top 5 Spring Trends Straight From The 2016 New York Fashion Week

If you’re someone who is constantly in the loop with the latest fashion trend, for sure, you will not miss out on the biggest fashion event of the year which is the New York Fashion Week. Whether we admit it or not, the designs showcased at the week-long event sets the trend in the fashion industry. Here are the top spring designs straight from the New York Fashion Week.

1. Ton Sai Chic


Who says the exotic style won’t fit in? It is one of the designs that took a lot of attention in the event. Incorporating the Beach designs that can be used for a regular spring day is what caught the attention of the fashion enthusiasts.

2. The Cold Shoulder


The cold shoulders tops will be a great addition to your closet. With its chic design that can be used in an office or just a regular stroll, it hit the mark of the people who are waiting for the next trend.

3. The Puffy Shirt


Do you feel confident to wear something that will make you stand out in a crowd? If you are feeling it, the puffy shirt designs should be the first on your list to add in your closet. It’s because, with this style, you will never be a wallflower.

4. Goodnight!


Are you one of the ladies who want to try something new when it comes to the clothes you wear at night before going to bed? If you wish to have a different kind of goodnight experience, make sure to add this design to your clothes collection.

5. Pump Up The Volume


The volume on the dress is a classic that never goes out of style. The proof of that is with this Pump Up The Volume dresses showcased in the event. It looks pretty and fabulous for a dinner date.
Of course, there are a lot more designs available that will surely hit the sales mark, but the top five will surely make the difference.


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The 4 Best Pairs Of Shoes The Every Woman Should Have

Shoes are a woman’s weapon to be the best of herself. It can take you to places and most importantly it can build the confidence that most girls lack. We must know that every girl deserves a beautiful pair of shoes that will be her best friend. Let’s check out the best pairs of shoes that every woman should have.

1. Flats


For a girl on the go who wants to be ready whatever a regular day takes her to, a pair of flat shoes is a must have. Its uses are multi-purpose, and the best thing about flats is that you can partner it to any outfit whether you are using a dress, jeans or anything else you want. You can never go wrong with a pair of flats.

2. Sneakers


It is a good pair of shoes to let you be the confident girl you are on a casual day. Among any other type of shoes, it is the most comfortable pair to wear. You can use it anytime of the day. It can be used even on a busy day when you are out for work. You won’t have any problem with a pair of sneakers.

3. Classic Pumps


It is the pair of shoes that should be in any girl’s closest. It is the best pair to use whether you are going to the office, having a date or even at church. It is very useful yet very stylish. It is also the pair that can give you a lot of confidence in every step you take.

4. Boots


We all know that there is a time for winter and fall and if you love your feet, make sure to have a pair of boots in your shoe rack. There are a lot of styles that you can choose from, you can opt for something with heels of flats, and it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you have a pair ready when you need it.

If there is even one pair missing, better get yourself out to a shop and get one right now. You wouldn’t know when you will need it.…

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