Unique T-Shirt Printing Ideas that Will Inspire You

Custom printed t-shirts are a great way to raise brand recognition and create awareness.  They build unity amongst people and employees and if done well can forge a loyalty to any brand. There is a plethora of ways to use custom t-shirts to promote a business. Check out some unique ways to incorporate custom printed t-shirts into a marketing strategy:

  1. Have the t-shirts be given as a free gift during a promotional for new signups. For an added bonus, ask the new customers to take a picture in their new shirts to post to social media to better advertise the company and the short time promotional offer.
  2. Host a contest on social media with people taking the coolest picture of some of the products, services, or whatever is offered and have the t-shirt be given as a gift to the winner. This two-birds-one-stone method gives the business free advertising through the customer’s competition submission photo by giving the winner (or multiple winners) you can order them for a great price from best t shirt printing singapore.
  3. Give potential business partners a few of the t-shirts to as a good gesture. Sometimes coming with gifts in hand is one of the best ways to close a deal with a potential business partner. Why not start out on the right foot by giving them some merchandise of their new partners to wear and show off to their customers.
  4. Give the t-shirts to the loyal customers as a thank you for their continued devotion to the business. Why not thank the faithful customers that have been the back bone of the business.
  5. Give them to any employees that deal with customers. This shows a higher level of competence for a business as the staff is now “uniformed” and creates a more official look for the business.
  6. Offer discounts to customers that wear the custom t-shirt in a showroom or offer a discount for customers who purchase t-shirts with their merchandise or service. This one may not apply to all business, but if it can be integrated into the marketing strategy, then why not. Have customers that wear the custom t-shirt receive a discount on purchases. This could be for a day, a weekend, or maybe even a few months. Whatever works with the business model and encourages customers to buy a t-shirt and advertise the company.
  7. Use the t-shirts as an incentive to partake in a trial period or smaller purchase. People love free stuff so take advantage of that. Encourage people to join a trial period by giving them a free t-shirt.
  8. Make sure to post any pictures of happy customers in the t-shirts to the business’ social media page with the customers consent. People will see the smiling faces and the brand and remember customer satisfaction when they think of the brand.

Any way to incentivize people to not only own the t-shirts but also wear them is a good start for any business.  Make sure that to use a top t-shirt printing service to receive the best results from the custom printed t-shirts.